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I am slowly catching up with the linkups I participate in! I missed out on the gold prompt from a couple of weeks ago but since I had a few gold polishes I neglect otherwise I wanted to jump in, even if my submission was really, really late!

I feel bad for my textured polishes. I only ever use them for challenge prompts. I love other 3D nail art (cough, sugar-spun, cough) but I can’t handle good old textured polishes. I guess there is something about the type of texture? Maybe it is too gritty.

I could go on and on about my quirks but let’s get on with the nail art! I like how this came out: simple, fast and RA-friendly…Perfect during this time of stress and fatigue!

But what about you…Do you have any of these eccentricities? Do you like ketchup but not tomatoes? Comment below!


Gold Glitter Nail Art | The Rite of AgingI used Julie G Gift of Gold as a base on my middle and ring finger. I used to coats of Barry M Mustard on the index and pinky finger.

I used a makeup sponge and KBShimmer Sand in My Stocking on the tips.


 Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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