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Well hello everyone!! I was really scared about today’s prompt! I have never attempted watermelon nails so the first idea that came to mind was to freehand them. Nothing new here but I chickened out!

I was so unsure about today’s nails I took to Instagram and searched hashtag “watermelon nails”. I ran across a matte gradient by IG@b_jessica_3 and knew immediately I had to re-create that look. I decided not to matte the final result or add seeds. I wanted to, but in the end decided to leave well enough alone. It might have looked alright but I think given how soft, blurred and pastel the colors are stark harsh dark seeds would look really odd!


In real life the pink is a lot more prominent but unfortunately, we know my track record with photographing whites. I tweaked my hand position a little to capture the pink a little more but it still came out a bit wonky…

Hope you like it!


#OMD3NAILS Watermelon Gradient Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseSinful Colors Snow Me White

Gradient: damp makeup sponge, acrylic paints


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