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So this manicure is not totally unique but I have always wanted to try it!!

My favorite book, favorite movie, favorite franchise…I could keep going…is Lord of the Rings. I’m a fanatic. Obsessive is probably a better word.

Very simple but a little time-consuming and so so cool!

I am also using this as my nail art for a prior post. Click on the picture to view it.


I took this picture in a yellow reading light to give it that “from the fire” glow.

I also chose not to apply top coat to give it a more raw feel. I don’t know though, it might just make it look sloppy!


Inspired by a Movie

I used Zoya “Goldie” for the base and Milani “Black Swift” for the script.

The script is only on my right hand because there was no way I could achieve this with my non-dominant hand!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.