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I do not know about fashion. I love it, I keep an eye on it. I love shopping.

But my expertise only goes as far as looking for pieces that fit, wearing them multiple ways, and accessorizing them wonderfully. I do not know the science behind it.

However, the Forever 21 Disney collaboration really caught my eye! I was perusing the local Forever 21 store and saw racks upon racks of Mickey! I was psyched!

I did some research and found that Forever 21 collaborated with Mickey & Co. (the leader in Mickey Mouse-inspired clothes) on a 41-item collection. It spans sweaters to Converse-style footwear and jewelry!



Photos used from forever21.com


Some of my favorites have the intense pops of color or really work the black and white 80’s feel.

Initially, I spent my time in the store with almost six or seven pieces from the collection. Magically, I walked away with just the cropped black and white sweater. Though, I am itching to go back and pick up the pj pants, shoes, and plaid shirt!


I have a soft spot for my childhood favorites and I think Forever 21 really nailed these great Mickey designs!


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