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Photo ℅ beautyhabit.com

I caved and bought a dry brushing body brush (that’s a mouthful)! Apart from it’s basic exfoliating, the benefits of dry brushing are vast. Beauty dry-brushes promote good circulation, healthier immune function and cellulite removal (I cannot vouch for the latter) as well. I bought the Urban Spa Cellulite Bamboo Brush from beautyhabit.com because after some research I thought it was the best dry brush  for my body. It can hang upside down on a hook, it has bristles on one side and massagers on the other for a two in one whammy.

So what is the best way to dry brush your skin? I start at my feet and slowly brush upwards in circular motions. I do the same thing with my upper limps starting with my palms and brushing in towards my chest.

It makes sense since it pushes circulation towards the heart, the hub of oxygen transport in the body. But, does it truly matter when blood flows in every direction? Of course, I do not want the bad stuff circulating longer, but the process is so quick it does not really matter. Either way, it does not hurt or take longer to brush upwards in circular motions, right?

As an autoimmune patient, I do agree dry-brushing strengthens the immunity. While it may not help me beat an infection, the mild massage stimulates the lymphatic system. My RA makes me less active so I need all the help I can get to keep my body moving, both inside and out. Sure, everything in the body moves at the same speed but as I get older these systems slow down which is not doing me or my condition any favors! Just like a massage helps the lymph nodes empty the “trash”, dry-brushing does the same thing.

I notice I am more alert and awake. I would not say my energy levels are higher but I do feel less foggy. Pain? The big things are still difficult: climbing stairs, lifting pets, cooking dog food, but “sensations” like prickling and tingling are gone.

That being said, the bristles on this specific tool are rough so I have to be careful not to go over the same spot more than twice. I only dry-brush every other day, otherwise, my skin cannot heal fast enough.

I think dry-brushing is a good idea. While it is a more expensive beauty item, I think it a great investment. It revitalizes, rejuvenates and exfoliates. But, if you have sensitive skin, I would steer clear. A massager is your best option. Find a model that does not drag on your skin so as not to irritate it!

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.