Hey all!

I have worked out a blogging schedule!


Sunday: Nail Art/Challenge post

Monday: Off or catch-up

Tuesday: Nail Art/Challenge post

Wednesday: RA post

Thursday: Nail Art/Challenge post

Friday: Miscellaneous post (includes beauty reviews, just for funs, other randoms)

Saturday: Miscellaneous post (could also include random nail arts that do not pertain to a challenge)


I know I have a lot of readers who are interested in just the RA or in just the Nail Art aspects of my blog so I wanted to allocate specific days for these posts.

If anything changes, I will be sure to tell you! I may even have time for two posts a day but I am not making any promises on that front since typing can sometime evade me.


I  hope this is helpful for future reads! I will update my “About Me” page with this information and future updates! If you have suggestions or want to see more/fewer types of posts please comment below!!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.