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I am a very happy Monica today! Look forward to a happy ending post on Wednesday! Reimbursement finally came through. The saga ended! I am getting ALL my money back.


All of it!

After 9 months, I will be reimbursed! I will re-count the epic, yes, EPIC (where generally people die at the end) tale of getting my money back.

I am so so so excited! This is not just they told me the invoices were processed and they will send the money. They have sent the money. The checks were posted in the mail on SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2014.


In other news…


On the 7th of September, 2014 I reached 100 subscription followers on my blog! Wow! I always prefer quick and instant gratification (who would ever said I don’t want that now, I want it in one year?) but I know big goals take time and persistence. For one year of nail art blogging, I am thrilled to have received 100 followers! I know my posts are not up to scratch because of flares and fatigue, and I disappear for short periods of time. I feel like I am not putting out my best work sometimes so I really appreciate you sticking with me through all of that! I’ve been considering a giveaway for some time and now is the best time to do it!


In celebration of all of the above…


I have not finalized what will be in the giveaway yet but it will contain some nail goodies and some RA-inspired goodies too! I want to keep it small so I can open the giveaway internationally!

I will use Rafflecopter to accept entries so expect more information on that in the next couple of weeks!


Seriously, thank you everyone!

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.