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Updated: 11/15/2014


I have really exciting news!! Kiehl’s beauty brand teamed up with the Norman Rockwell Estate to create limited edition holiday sets! Better yet, Kiehl’s will donate 100% of profits to Feeding America!


trimming the tree


I don’t usually care for collaborations because they cater too much to the “hottest” thing at the time but Norman Rockwell is classic and absolutely perfect for this time of year. Sure, you can argue he was the “pop” illustrator of his time but there was something very relatable about his work. During a time of political uncertainty and economic struggle family became even more important. There was a certain fairy tale-like feel to his work that gave people hope. His artworks represented the struggles of the middle class family but there was something very calming about them.


dog and his owner


I saw a Norman Rockwell painting, for the first time, at a Smithsonian museum exhibit. I don’t remember now, for sure, which museum but if I were to take a guess I would say the Newseum when it first opened. I was mesmerized. At my young age I was first drawn to the dogs and their children but as I learned more about the inspiration for his art I realized there was more to the happy exterior.


 Now that I have rambled on about nostalgia let us get on to the products!

The picture is also the link.


kiehls x norman rockwell greatest hits

If you are new to the brand this is a great place to start! This set includes many travel size favorites including the concentrate and body lotion! Not to mention, this is one of my favorite paintings!


kiehls x norman rockwell creme de corps

If you’re just interested in one product the best-selling Creme de Corps lotion comes in this limited-edition casing, in three sizes! I think I may get the biggest size so I can re-purpose the bottle later on.


kiehls x norman rockwell set

Another great painting houses the best-selling original scent lip balm and heavy-duty hand cream. The perfect duo for the upcoming winter! Just keep in mind, the lotion is on the greasier side (I would wear it at night) and the lip balm is petroleum-based.

_9782046The “Hydration Essentials” is one I have my eye on as it contains some of Kiehl’s best-selling moisturizers! A cute gift box and sample-size essentials for all your holiday travel needs! I wanted to purchase the lip balm hand salve duo but given this holiday set contains both, plus more I think this is definitely a better value! I also have a thing for travel-sized products. They are so easy and convenient!


_9650886Are you a fan of the heavy duty “Ultimate Strength Hand Salve”? Do you want others to love it too? This trio is a great idea if you want a quick, inexpensive stock-stuffer for your friends & family!


Can you tell I am excited about this? If it was not too apparent…YAY! THIS IS AWESOME….I want to buy them all. Buy all the things. Seriously. I will sleep on it tonight and maybe tomorrow I will feel less spend-y…But I will tell you right now, I am purchasing the body lotion and Hydration Essentials! Don’t forget, Nordstrom currently offers a Kiehl’s gift with purchase as well!


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