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Here are my favorite nail art and things from February! Don’t forget to check out my pinterest pages, respectively, here and here.


The Nailasaurus - Kitty DecalsSammy is one of my nail icons. She has short nails so it is easier for me to visualize inspiration from her. She focuses on sleek, simple designs that she executes flawlessly. I am not the biggest pink fan but this dotticure really suits those kitty decals!


Nails of Aquarius Edgy Valentine'sI already love Karolyn’s blog (photos, nail art, and writing style) but she seriously knocked a variety of Valentine’s Day manicures out of the park. I really feel Valentine’s Day, I don’t do romance or lovey-dovey (though I have to admit they provide all sorts of nail art inspiration) and I cannot usually stand the color scheme. I changed my tune when I saw Karolyn’s edgy designs. I loved all her themed manicures but I liked this one the most because she incorporated the colors but didn’t make them “squishy”. (This is my term for when I’m surrounded by the balloons and the colors and confetti and want to gag because it’s so in your face…do you know what I mean?)


I felt really bad for Neil Patrick Harris at this year’s Oscars because even he couldn’t save the awful writing and poor jokes. However, NPH interviewing the “seat filler” Steve Carrell was one of my favorite moments and it was not until I saw the GIF that I had a new favorite moment: Channing Tatum giggling in the background! Too funny!


Wonder Wolf - Onyx NailsDebbie over at WonderfulWolf does the best pokemon nail art! When the Gameboy Color game first came out my mom let me choose which one I wanted. I happily chose the Red version because I thought the Charizard was cuter than the Blastoise (this was the first time I ever snuck awake after lights out)! Anywho, I remember how thrilled I was I caught an Onyx…and beat Brock’s. It seriously took me days to figure out how to beat him with the Charizard! This design brought me straight back to my childhood and I think it’s freaking amazing Debbie used crushed shells for the base!


I found my next pet! My friend and I don’t believe red pandas and slow loris exist. We are pretty sure they are completely magical. Seriously one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen, but look at those nervous eyes…one unexpected move and it’ll probably try to gauge my eyes out!


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