Items provided for review.

I really wanted to wait to use these decals until at least mid November but I just couldn’t help myself. I received this specific set for review from Born Pretty Store but I bought like six other ones as well that are waiting patiently in my water decal bag.

I can easily see myself doing holiday nail art every day in December and definitely trying really hard not to during November. As the holiday season is only four weeks or so, please excuse me as this is the only time of year I can do the fun nail art!

Born Pretty does some seriously cute holiday decals which I purchase every year. I usually have some left over but once the decals are open they only last a few months before drying out and disintegrating in water. That’s okay though, the BPS brand decals are very cheap and very worth the money. I always stock up on the cute reindeers and equally adorable snowmen!


Let’s just blow past my red and swollen fingers. I “accidentally” went climbing and ended up with a nasty flare this past week. ::Sigh:: I am seriously considering no longer climbing but after 12+ years of it, it’s hard to quit.


Christmas Water Decals Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseFormula X Platinum PrimeTimeless Teal (Infinite Ombre kit)

StampingPueen Cosmetics PUEEN45 (I was pleasantly surprised by how well the sheer tint stamped!)

Decals: Born Pretty Store ($0.99/sheet – BLE12)


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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