I felt pretty uninspired as of late when it came to nail art. I skimmed through different Facebook groups, I ❤ Random Nail Art, and other social media, in general. The list of want-to-try looks increased but when I attempted them, they looked awful. I was being overly critical but I just couldn’t post my nails to the blog.

I wondered if this lack of motivation had anything to do with the increased fatigue I felt last week. I did not experience a flare but I was uncharacteristically tired. I wasn’t even in a lot of pain but the lethargy came out of nowhere! And, unfortunately, there was nothing to do but let it pass.

Eventually, I just felt the pull of social media and sat down to a tried and true favorite: the asymmetrical dotticure!

I hope you like it!


Green and Brown Dotticure | The Rite of Aging

Base: Zoya Charlotte

Dots: Zoya Giovanna, LouiseGoldie, SpaRitual Howl, butter London Scuppered


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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