Two years ago I started wearing a menstrual cup. I said “GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE” to tampons, pads, and other reusable feminine hygiene products. To this day, I used the same box of daily liners and finished the half used boxes of overnight pads.

Well, the other day, I needed a new box of dailies. Unfortunately, I leak quite a bit on the first day and am not 100% comfortable going forth into the world without backup. I skipped into the feminine care aisle with every intention of staying there for no more than three minutes.

Boy, was I wrong! It took 15 minutes and one panic attack to find what I was looking for.


There are still only two major brands: Tampax and Kotex, plus the generic versions but within each brand there are countless varieties. Some come in small pocket size versions, while some come in four different sizes (and no, I am not talking about absorbency). Others have three separate versions of the same product, some come in thin or extra thin but all of them come in an assortment of loud bright colors and packaging.

Long gone are the days of three different absorbances in three different colors for easy reference. I’ve never been more thankful for a menstrual cup before!


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