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Yellow represents the sun and how amazing it makes me feel! Really, summer is my best season and heat just makes my joints happy. Not to mention, studies show vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory and supporter of strong bones! Yes, please!

I considered a couple of different ideas for today’s #31DC2017 prompt but decided to go with a simple double stamping. Born Pretty Store kindly sent me products to review a few months ago but I just didn’t paint my nails that often this summer. So, hopefully, this month I’ll be able to incorporate and review those items! Better late than never…

This new stamping plate is similar to their others. It’s large and rectangular and houses a good amount of designs that follow a similar theme. Before, the large plates were a modge podge of unrelated images; which, was not an issue for me. The BPX-L020 reminds me of geography and map symbols. It’s actually a pretty unique plate. It performs well enough but not at the same caliber as other BPS plates. Perhaps this was a bad plate but I experienced some difficulty transferring the image to the stamper. I still get a good final result but not without a more effort.

I hope you like this look! It’s kind of psychedelic and reminds me of seismic waves…sort of…What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out the Inlinkz for all the other amazing yellow designs. If you participate in the challenge this month don’t forget to use the social media tag: #31DC2017.

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31 Day Global Nail Art Challenge (September 2017) - Day Three: Simple Yellow Double Stamped Nails (#31DC2017) ft. Born Pretty Store stamping plates

Base: SinfulColors VIPeach, Sephora by OPI Cab Fare (I still completely miss this brand!!)

Details: Born Pretty Store plate BPX-L020 (USD$2.99), Color Club Wham! Pow!, Zoya Louise


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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