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I never quite know whether to feature waterfall nail art as arthritis-friendly. It is super simple, easy and forgiving…But, it can strain my wrists. The last time I did this my wrist felt like it was on fire (and I was not in flare). I felt a bit better while doing today’s look but I still found difficulty in manipulating the brush. Hmmm…I guess not all easy techniques are quote unquote RA-friendly!


I do have to apologize about my links lately. I am on a huge no-buy right now and paring down my nail polish collection. I feel way less claustrophobic but this process leaves me with utterly discontinued polishes. I’m sure you are all very resourceful and have or can find shades similar to the ones I use!

I hope you like today’s nails. I fished out one of my favorite polishes ever (it is liquid gold for me — do you remember Sephora by OPI???). I rarely use SOPI polishes because I don’t want to run out of them even though I am leaning dangerously close to too-gunky-to-save formulas. That’s okay, I can just put them on a shelf and stare at them, right?

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A Very Autumnal Waterfall Nail Art ft. Zoya Goldie, Sephora by OPI 212-SephoraA Very Autumnal Waterfall Nail Art ft. Zoya Goldie, Sephora by OPI 212-SephoraBase: Zoya Goldie, Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora (Isn’t it beautiful???)

Waterfall Details: OPI Yank my Doodle* (dark peach), Ro-Man-ce on the Moon (red), Pahlish Reinette


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.