Nothing to disclose.

…and time for me to drool over some from Anthropologie. It’s funny. For the longest time, I was never drawn to their style. Then, one day, in high school, I just felt in love and have been obsessed with the store ever since.

I love sweaters and wear them all the time year round. I have low blood pressure and circulation meaning I get chills all the time. So, even when it’s a billion degrees outside and the humidity is through the roof, I still wear sweaters.

I especially grativate towards a slouchy slightly larger style just because it’s easy Rheumatoid Arthritis fashion. It doesn’t mess with my arthritis, keeps me warm and looks cute!

Anthropologie has some cute pieces right now — some on sale — that I have my eye on. Check out my picks below and don’t forget to…

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61b8f8b740b520f3184a0bc31cdb7b72I have a soft spot for yellow sweaters and this Oversize Cozy Pullover is no exception. It just looks so cozy and the color punches out my bleary winter blues! If yellow is not your scene, it comes in some other fun colors, too!


3b304bc8ad3de22dc22dfe49c0688c91I always wanted to be a blazer girl but given my short (read: petite) stature every jacket needed tailoring. Given my line of work (wearing scrubs all the time) I couldn’t justify the extra cost of buying them.

What I like about this Harvest Intarsia Blazer is while it is slightly fitted, it is soft and wears more like a cardigan!


39c224a32529e7687e8c21d013083187.jpgSome days you need a basic sweater and this Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover fits the bill. The neutral colors make it a staple in any cozy weather look.


4113529102547_035_b.jpgI definitely wear more yellow during the winter and this mustard Donyale Chenille Cardigan just speaks to me. This is similar to the first sweater except it’s an open cardigan. It’s easy to put on (no buttons, clasps or intricate details to aggravate my arthritis) so it’s perfect for that warm night in.


What do you think of these? Are they your style? LMK in the comments!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.