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Its that time of year again where we need to be extra vigilent about protecting our skin from the sun. If you’re not already wearing daily SPF I am judging you through the screen. Just kidding, sort of…If you’re not, it’s never too late to start, especially now when the sun shines brighter, closer and longer.

Have a chronic illness like me? Check out this article I recently wrote (for RheumatoidArthritis.net) about the importance of wearing sunscreen.


I am a sunscreen hobbyist. I could go as far to say I collect sunscreen. There are never less than five different types in my room, or my purse…or my car. This last one is probably over kill because if I’m driving it probably means I’m taking my bag. But in terms of sun protection, more is always better. Do you need sunscreen? No problem. Have sensitive skin? I’ve got one for that. Need a stick version for under the eyes or the bridge of the nose? Yup, it’s in here somewhere.

I stand true to spray sunscreens because they are fast, convinient and RA-friendly. On the days my fingers are swollen and painful I don’t have to worry about protecting my skin; I spray and go and I’m all set. This being said, I can’t help but try sun protectant in any form, lotion, whipped cream or stick. I  want to try them all!! I want to catch ’em all!

So, I hope you like this post. Let me know in the comments if you have tried these but, before you do, don’t forget to…

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Top Favorite Sunscreens for 2018 | the Rite of Aging...Early - Chanel UV EssentielI absolutely love love love the Chanel UV Essentiel sunscreen. It is not exclusively a facial protectant but given the bottles small size and large price tag I use it sparingly. One bottles lasts me a full summer and a little beyond. The product is very liquidy and it only takes a little amount (read: 1-2 drops) to cover the neck, face and ears. Be warned though, since the main ingredient is Titanium Dioxide it does leave a white cast that eventually soaks into the skin.


Best Sunscreens for 2018 || the Rite of Aging...Early (Neutrogena Clear Face)I have naturally oily skin so most face sunscreens break me out. The Chanel one is one of the few that doesn’t but when I ran out I didn’t feel like spending so much money. On a whim and with low expectations, I tried the Neutrogena face sunscreen*. I gave it a solid two weeks and I was beyond surprised. It didn’t irritate my skin even though the product was pretty thick. It doesn’t leave a white cast but it does leave me quite greasy. Eh, nothing a oil-blotting sheet can’t fix!


Best Sunscreens for 2018 | the Rite of Aging...Early (Hawaiian Tropic)Hawaiian Tropic was never a brand I looked to for sun protectant since it’s more popular products were sun tan lotions. I saw this sunscreen towards the end of last summer and thought it looked interesting. I am so glad I tried it because I am IN LOVE. This sunscreen/moisturizer works beautifully and makes my skin glisten ever so slightly (sure, it could just be the grease, lol) but it also makes the skin look just a smidge more even-toned. The Weightless version is a little more difficult to find but there are other versions of the Silk Hydration* available.


I love me a good spray sunscreen because of the convinience and arthritis-friendly status. My favorite is the Coppertone Sheer Clear (now Defend and Care) specifically in SPF 30. I tried the SPF 50 a few times and each time the nozzle didn’t work because the product was too thick. You would think that with the introduction of the new line the brand would fix the spray issue but no, the nozzle is still a problem! In general, however, I do like most of the Coppertone products, especially the Sport* line. It is greasy but it covers well and does not “sweat off” too easily.


Best Sunscreens for Summer 2018 | the Rite of Aging...Early (Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen)And last, but certainly not least is the SuperGoop! Everyday sunscreen. This brand was so heavily talked about on social media I originally shyed awaay from it. However, after recieving a sample, I became a convert. The formula is not too thick and applies evenly. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a white cast. I haven’t tried any of their newer products but they are definitely on my list.


Best Sunscreens for Summer 2018 | the Rite of Aging...Early (Eucerin Daily Hydration with SPF)

This is just your run of the mill Eucerin lotion with added sun protection factor. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and does not look chalky. I use it in the morning as a regular moisturizer every day of the year. It’s nice to know I’m at least partially protected from the sun if I forget my usual sun protection regime!


So, what do you think of these sunscreens? Have you used them? Let me know in the comments..But, before you hop on down there don’t forget to…

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