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You all know how much I L-O-V-E water decals. They are the epitome of easy, arthritis-friendly (or, chronic pain-friendly) nail art. So, I am always on the look out for new to me designs and willing to try most any of them.

I eyed these peacock decals from Born Pretty Store for a while and finally decided to try them. They were cute and pretty but honestly, I was a little let down. First, the product only comes with 10 designs which is a little unusual…That’s not a lot to work with. For example, if I wanted to use a decal on each nail that would only leave me with enough for one manicure, right?

Though, to be fair, these are similar to full nail designs which never come with a lot.

My other biggest issue was the gradient style of the background ended in white which means I could only use it over a white base. Not a big deal but makes the decal way less versatile.

Otherwise, they performed well, slipped from the backing properly and didn’t bunch on the nail.

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Peacock Feathers Water Decals Nail Art ft. Born Pretty Store ReviewPeacock Feathers Water Decals Nail Art ft. Born Pretty Store ReviewBases: Zoya Rocky (blue), Essie blanc (white)

  • Dry brush detailing

Water Decals: Born Pretty Store peacock feathers* ($0.99/piece)


Want to know how I did this? Check out my water decal nail art tutorial below:


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