Product Review: c.Booth Egyptian Argan Oil Body Butter

Credit: http://www.freemanbeauty.com/product/egyptian-argan-oil-body-butter

There are very few products that I rave about since I always love to try new things and I always find new “favorites”; but this lotion has to be a new favorite of mine that I just have to tell everyone about.
I was at my local Rite-Aid and I was looking for a good hand cream that I could use at night. I ran across the c.Booth skincare section and I noticed the body butters. I picked up the “Egyptian Argan Oil Body Butter” cream and took a quick sniff of it. The smell was absolutely intoxicating. To be honest, I’m not sure what the smell is but it’s absolutely wonderful, if not a bit strong. Anyways, seven dollars for eight ounces is very nice! I have been using the same jar for about two months and I still have about ½ left of the jar. I only use it for my hands and elbows though.
I only use maybe a teaspoon amount in my hand and warm it between my palms. It emulsifies quickly into an oil that spreads evenly and absorbs quickly. Immediately, I can see the cream working and it gives my skin an even tone finish. It feels a bit oily even after a few minutes, but it doesn’t really bug me.
For my main purposes I use it overnight. Given my job (I work at a clinic so I am always washing my hands) and my sports hobby (rock-climbing chalk dries skin out to absorb the sweat) it completely hydrates and nourishes my skin back to it’s optimal health. In the morning when I wake up, my hands look and feel like baby’s hands!
I am absolutely amazed by this product. During early December when it made little sense to keep putting on hand lotion during work the skin on my hands was rough and there were constant dry patches (also exacerbated by the cold weather). Sometimes it was so bad that it would crack and bleed. When it got this bad, even the most tried and true lotions (like Aveeno) couldn’t penetrate and repair my skin, and exfoliating the dead skin cells off to allow the best absorption of the lotions just made the condition worse. I wore this cream to bed every night for 5 days and my skin was back to normal if not even better. It really felt like a miracle product.
When I am done with this jar I am definitely going to try the other body butters by c.Booth!
This has nothing to do with my rheumatoid arthritis but I wanted to gush about this product because I love it so much. Also, the scent of the cream just makes me happy! It is nice to be able to think about things like this without it being about the arthritis.
Hi, I’m Monica and I have RA.