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I should not be as excited as I am.

Two weeks ago, I switched medicines…again.

Well, not really.

I took weekly Orencia injections. They worked well. I woke up feeling absolutely healthy.

Most days, I totally forgot I had RA.

Regardless, over the last month any strain on my joints resulted in a flare. Each flare lasted days.

Up until this point, I tried most of the biological immuno-suppresants except for the monthly Orencia IV infusion.

Supposedly, the intravenous formulation worked differently than its subcutaneous counterpart. The IV was 500mg versus the 125mg self-injections.

When I started the weekly shots, I had to sit for the 500mg infusion. On the same day I took one of the sub-q injections. It totaled to 625mg to kick-start the results. I still remember when I sat for that IV I felt good within days. I went for three hour hikes and I rock-climbed without breaks.

When I sat for my first monthly IV after the switch, I worried.

I did not feel good. I still flared and tired easily.

Suddenly, two weeks after the first IV dose, I felt great. I lowered my dose of prednisone and still managed to go about my daily life without hassle. I did not feel as lethargic or painful.

I do not know what happened. It was not a gradual change. I just woke up one morning feeling awesome.

I still have two weeks before my next dose. I hope that the effects do not taper off towards the end. Hopefully, the medication caries me through the entire month.

We will see.

I am trying to deflate my excitement, after all, these medications work for a time before they quit on me.

I can not help but feel optimistic. If I manage the symptoms now the disease will be totally manageable in the future.

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.