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“Excuse me, do you have any vegetarian patty options?”

“Uhm…we have buffalo!”

Sarah, my best friend from university, and I looked at each other. Don’t get us wrong, we were only college students, but we were pretty sure that buffalo came from an animal and was not in fact a vegetarian burger option.


I sat for my Orencia infusion this month and we shared stories about all the odd and downright stupid things people say to us. As I sat there, listening to the other women’s stories I realized that I had enough material to start a “Shit People Say” series on my blog.

I know I am going to offend a ton of people but I am totally okay with this. It makes me so angry that people think it is alright to say some of the things they say.

For every crazy comment I am going to reply in a post, hopefully a comical one and one that helps people understand why comments like that make absolutely no sense.

Hopefully, they will also understand why I do not take to these comments well.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.