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I finished my tub of Nivea Soft. I pulled out my half-empty Egyptian Magic Cream from last spring (I had to shelve it for the summer). I adore this cream. I only need a quarter size amount for my face and neck. It is very greasy so I have to be careful. I emulsify the product between my fingers and pat it all over. My skin is very oily but I only break out on this product for the first couple of days before I get used to it. Usually if a cream breaks me out, it will continuously break me out. I am not sure why Egyptian Magic does not follow suit but I am not complaining.


I started using Dior Pure Poison as my daily perfume. It is the closest to my all-time favorite Dior Tendre Poison. It is light and floral enough for day. I use the spicier notes of Dior Poison in the evenings and they layer very nicely together.


The weather deities granted us a second summer! At the end of August I bought tons of new sweaters. I was so thrilled to start wearing them until the temperatures rose to the 80s. Enter my prematurely stored Urban Outfitters BDG Mid-Rise Alexa shorts. These are the only shorts that fit me well. I am a short, petite, curve-less woman and I can never find shorts that fit. I love all the colors they come in, especially the bright red!


I saved the best for last!

Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter & Bad Gal Lash mascara and Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes will always have a very special place in my heart. I recently crashed out at a friend’s house and did not pack my usual skincare. When I spend the night out I do not usually wash my face before bed. However, I use the towelettes the next morning to quickly remove grime. Additionally, I wake up pretty pale in the mornings and the rubbing from the wipe pumps blood back into my face.


The next morning my amazing Bad Gal Lash mascara had not flaked or come off. At all. I was amazed. My makeup looked exactly the same as the night before. After “washing” my face, I added Watt’s Up to my nose, the inner corners of my eyes, under my brow bone, chin, temples and forehead. I finished with two swipes of mascara and I was set. I looked fantastic. The highlighter made me look completely awake and blurred any puffiness.

I looked put together enough for work and nobody could tell I did not complete my usual skincare routine.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.