I am conflicted. My rheumatologist wants me to get a flu shot.

I never had a flu shot. I did not see the need. I rarely got the flu.

The shot only protects against one strain of the virus. By the time “flu season” is in full swing there are so many it does not even matter, right?


What are the pros?

It may protect me from getting severely ill. Now that I am immuno-suppressed a routine flu can be five times worse, and dare I say it, dangerous.

Last year, the winter holidays were pretty bad. My doctor put me on two weeks medical leave. I ended up with a mix of pneumonia and a sinus infection. My medications (all of them!) stopped working. My father had to feed me my Christmas dinner because I could not even grasp the fork, let alone bring it to my mouth.

I spent at least three days in bed. My father took full responsibility for the pets and brought me my meals.

If the flu-shot prevents all that, I am all for it!

If I had gotten the shot last year, would it have prevented it all? There is no way of knowing.


The vaccine will not negatively affect me so there are no consequences.


Is it necessary?

Before I was diagnosed I rarely took medications. I did not even take a multi-vitamin because I did not want to get lazy about my diet. Go figure, I now take too many supplements to keep track of.

I know I have very rock-solid health concerns. I should get the vaccine. Still, part of me feels if it is unnecessary I should not get it.

It will not hurt to get the flu shot and it might (no promises) keep me healthy through this winter season…


I know the responsible course is to get the vaccines.

I am still on the fence. Too big a part of me says it is totally unnecessary.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.