“Don’t you feel lazy when you have to sleep most of the day or rest?”


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I did not. Until you said that. And now I am angry at you.

Seriously? Obviously, you are able-bodied. The problem with rheumatoid arthritis is I do not know if I am going to flare up or when.

What I do know is if I over do it, I will flare up and I have no choice but to rest.

Sometimes, medications just do not cut it. I have to sleep. I have to stop, let me body rest, and re-coop.

Sometimes, a nap is enough to keep my energy levels up and pain levels down. Sometimes, I have to take more than one nap a day. Sometimes, I have to sleep all day.

Medications are great, they make me feel great….or greater than I could feel. However, sleep is the best medication.


So, what is the difference between you sleeping all day when you have the flu and when I have a flare? Nothing.

So, why should I feel bad when I rest?


I will not lie. I wish I did not have to nap as often as I have to. I have things I want to do on my days off from work, I have errands to run, a life to live…

It is just one of those unfortunate “side-effects” of having an auto-immune.

And you know what? If taking a “rest day” ensures I can function for two or three days at a time, I am going to take it. And not feel lazy.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.