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I know fevers can be dangerous in people with autoimmunes.


A fever means there is a bacteria or infection and the body is raising it’s temperature to fight them.

Here’s the thing: RA flares usually, not always, include fevers because the immune system tricks itself into thinking there are unhealthy cells.

Which means the immune system cannot distinguish between the healthy tissue and actual infection.


This fever with a flare is relatively new for me. Fevers only started accompanying my flares a year ago.


How do I know when I really need to pay attention to the fever?


Do I wait to see if it goes away?

Should I take extra medication?

Should I just ignore it?


I do not feel sick, as in cold or flu-ish. My fevers never stay for more than a day.

So, if it lasts more than a day should I worry?


I want to think that if it is a problem, I will be able to tell.




Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.