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“Don’t you feel lazy when you have to sleep most of the day or rest?”


It is so not okay to say this to anyone. Ever.

I do not need the reminder of how crippling RA is.

This is not for fun and games or to play hooky from work (Though, I have been lucky in I have not missed work because of it).

Sometimes it is the only way to take down a flare!


If I cannot get out of bed, brush my hair, climb the stairs, and I am already on the highest, safest dose of medication, how else do you expect me to take down a flare?

Why is this different from when you are sick with the flu?

It’s not.


I think people are incredulous because sleeping all day it is for “sh*ts and giggles” and laziness. To them, it is a choice.

Not for me.

For me, it is a necessity.

I cannot think of anything less fun than feeling more dwarfed by my auto-immune on the days I am chained to my bed.


When I bow out of plans I only say I am not feeling well. I no longer mention anything about rest.

People cannot imagine that it takes this much sleep to recover from a flare, so the first thing most people think is I am faking or trying to get out of something.




I need to do this to be functional.

And no.


I am not lazy.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA. (And in order to manage it, I take “sleep” days.)