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Apologies on the hiatus. Because of the delay in my medications I started feeling worse and worse and completely uninspired..and a little pissed off.

A) I will sit for my infusion on Wednesday! (the day before US Thanksgiving!) so I will be down for the holidays.

B) I have not built up the medication enough so the week after the holidays I will probably feel awful as well.

Merp. (Aka the sound for how I feel right now)

Even though I do not feel well and I am experiencing a flare, I still push myself to work and exercise.

Here’s my question:


A flare = some amount of inflammation.

Some amount of inflammation = my immune system is going after the cartilage around my joints

My immunity attacking itself = damage?


I know the Methotrexate and Orencia protect my joints from damage and the Prednisone keeps the inflammation down, but….if I push myself even through a flare am I creating more damage? or am I just exacerbating the pain symptoms?

It is so difficult to see if I am causing damage since there are no visible symptoms…

I have decided that I am going to continue to push myself through my normal activities but rest hard…if that makes sense.

Thoughts? Should I just take a step back or should I just continue on?


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.