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I should re-name this to the Chronicles of the Infusion or something of the sort.


I finally managed to sit for my infusion and was it horrendous! The tech very nicely increased the drip so it finished in 20 minutes vs. the usual 40.

This month we put the IV in my left elbow. We switch the IV between arms because of scarring. The scarring makes me more sensitive to the prick and makes it harder for the tech to find the vein. My left arm has more scarring than my right because of the added blood draws.


This month, I was feeling nervous and in turn, faint. My blood pressure was lower than usual and the needle prick was super painful. The tech could not touch my arm at all because of how sensitive I was. Within minutes my arm turned bright red and I formed a rash.


I think it was mostly psychological. I completely psyched myself out (which would explain the extremely low blood pressure) but it sucks that my left arm is so much more difficult than my right.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.