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Dealing with an auto-immune is the most frustrating thing I have ever come across. There is never a real explanation for why things happen.


Friday marked the first day I spent in the hospital because of my auto-immune. I always knew it was a possibility, but honestly, I never thought it would happen.

I woke up at my usual time but I felt unbelievably awful. I was flushed and weak. I could not move and the pain from my sinus headache was crippling. I searched around for my thermometer and took my temperature. 102.5! I have never had such a high fever.

I had a sinus infection but I was already on antibiotics for four days. It did not make sense I would spike a fever at the end of dosing.

I called my doctor and he told me to see my GP fast. Slight problem, I could not get up, let alone drive. He told me I had to get to the hospital, call 911. I could not sit and wait with a fever this high.

I called 911 and went to the closest hospital. Upon admission, my temperature was 101.6. They first drained me of my blood for all sorts of tests, gave me a liter of fluids and got me on amped up Motrin for the pain and fever. IV meds are glorious: within 15 minutes I felt less pain and more alert. However, I started dozing.

Sleep was the motif for the day. I was in and out of consciousness. They must have continually dosed me for the pain and fever because I could not stay awake, even during conversations.

My bloodwork came back normal. I did not have the flu. There was no rhyme or reason for the fever. They did a CT Scan to check my sinuses, gave me a liter of fluids and pumped me full of IV contrast for imaging.

Guess what? It was a mild sinus infection. Probably on its way out because of the previous antibiotics.

Seriously? Really?? I spiked a 102.5 fever and a health scare because of a mild sinus infection I already knew I had??


After the CT scan results came in, the doctors discharged me. Since then, I have slept, eaten, slept some more and rested. I am still rather weak but I feel a ton better. They put me on a higher dose antibiotic and the sinus infection is almost gone. Yay!!


Upon further speculation, I might have a reason why this happened. Wednesday night, Saachi slept with me. My allergies to the pets aggravate my sinus headaches. Thursday, my headache and my infection were worse and my immune system was working over time when I went to teach my class (2nd graders to 5th graders). While I did not contract anything new, I must have been exposed to a new bacteria that sent my body into overload.

That is my theory.


I am glad I came home the same day. I am glad it was only a sinus infection. It could have been any number of reasons so I am glad it was nothing worse. I am mostly relieved I have had no RA symptoms. I have not flared up!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.