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Disclaimer: If you like the product, great! This is my experience and opinion on the product.


I found out the RA began affecting my eyesight. I suffered from severe dry eye, inflammation and image displacement. (I thought I was going crazy. I was talking to people and all of a sudden they moved back a foot…!!)

I started an artificial tear regime, switched to daily contacts, and increased my glasses usage. For artificial tears my doctors recommended the Systane drops. LOOVE them. Unfortunately, they do not have a contacts version (that I have seen).


Did you know?

The preservatives in artificial tear drops destroy contact lenses?

I didn’t!



I picked up the Refresh Contacts Contact Lens Comfort Drops. I was familiar with the brand so why not? These eye drops claimed to be “moisture drops for dry eyes”.


Let me start by saying I do not usually hate products. I may not like them for one reason or another. I may find something better…


These drops dried out my eyes! Not only that, they dried out my eyelashes, eyelids and under eyes. If I wore eye make up, it instantly flaked, caked and crusted.

And the worst thing was it broke the seal between my lens and eyeball. The lens stuck on the outer edges but allowed air in. This resulted in blurred vision and more irritation. My eyes were more inflamed than before I added these “moisture” drops! Talk about uncomfortable!

On top of the product’s poor performance, the bottle’s tip and cap crusted over after the first use. Sorry but I did not want to put any of that near my eyes!


The point of artificial tears is to lubricate and reduce inflammation on the surface of the eye, not make it worse.

If you are purchasing eye drops stay away from the Refresh Contacts, I would recommend the Systane Preservative-free vials instead!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.