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The last two weeks I have felt completely unmotivated in life. This last flare left me tired, run down and painful. I barely drag myself out of bed in the morning, keep up with my gluten-free diet or care about anything. Usually, I would say this is just the depression but my mood has been great.

I lowered the prednisone after the main fire of the flare burned out. However, it is too low a dose. I really should be on at least 11mg but I cannot bring myself to take that much.

My mood is awesome. I have not felt “this good” in a very long time. I feel floaty and fun, I have more energy and overall in higher sprits.

But, I feel like the arthritis is in a progressive stage. No matter what I do or how much pain medication I take I just feel difficult. Everything takes 4 or 5 times more coordination, strength and will power.

It is an oxymoron in my body.

There is more inflammation in my toes and fingers. My knees are slightly more bruised. I have constant back and spine pain. Even my jaw hurts when I chew.

Is this normal?

It does not feel like a flare. It feels like a constant, dull ache.

I should increase the prednisone dose back to 11mg. Maybe the RA is progressing so I have more inflammation, making everything a little harder. What if increasing the corticosteroid is not the answer? What if I consistently have the same amount of inflammation?

Worst yet, my pinky gets stuck in certain positions and I have to massage the joint out of locking. It is super painful, annoying and disheartening. It is only my pinky but I know soon enough my other joints will follow suit.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.