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Just a few things this month. All of these items I have been using for a couple of months but am still loving them.



Can I just say how much I love the packaging of the Laura Mercier bath products?? They are beautiful and feel so luxurious!


Laura Mercier’s Ambre Vanille Scrub

(USD $50.00 for 12oz) –> found at http://www.lauramercier.com or select Nordstroms stores

Let me start by saying I love my St. Ives Apricot scrub. It is my go-to body scrub…always. I went out in search of a nicer body scrub. I get bored quickly. I exfoliate twice a week and sometimes it feels like a dull chore. One I could employ when I felt low and needed a pick-me up, when I wanted to pamper myself. I heard great things about the Laura Mercier bath line so I wandered over to my local Nordstroms. The second I took a whiff I fell in love.

Honestly, I was surprised. I am very sensitive to gourmand scents so I was wary. Every scent in Laura Mercier’s line is sweet, strong and dessert-like. This scrub is no exception. It smells exactly like a honeyed vanilla pastry. The fragrance wafts through the house. I wash after I scrub to lessen the scent on my skin.

This scrub is dense and ultra-moisturizing. The intensity of the granular pieces make it a powerful physical exfoliant. The cream base is ultra hydrating which makes it unnecessary for me to apply lotion afterwards. This is awesome since I just removed a layer of my skin! Of course, I still apply moisturizer but I like the idea that I do not have to!

Given the product’s texture, I only use a small amount for my entire body. Otherwise it gets too rough for me. One dime sized dollop is enough for my entire upper body while another dip  works for my lower one. The exfoliator comes with a plastic scoop but I never have to use the full amount.

Speaking of which, I do not like putting my fingers in the jar so I really like the scoop. I find it surprising that it is plastic. The jar itself is glass, heavy and looks gorgeous so I would expect higher quality material for all components involved. That being said, the scoop does seem sturdy.

I use this scrub weekly. I purchased this product at the end of January but because of my fragrance sensitivity I had to make sure I did not have a reaction to it.

Take a look at the picture! It looks like I have barely scratched the surface!

Will I re-purchase? YES.


As extra pampering, I follow with…


Laura Mercier’s Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme

(USD $60.00 for 12oz) –> found at http://www.lauramercier.com and select BlueMercury stores

I loved the scent of the scrub so much I returned to buy the Souffle Body Creme. I was thrilled to find the BlueMercury near my house started selling the full bath & body line. I got to test the soufflé creme, the body butters and hand cream. I decided on the soufflé creme because Wow. This lotion is so wonderful. Its texture is fluffy and lighter than whipped cream. Don’t let the thin consistency fool you, though, this cream packs a powerful hydrating punch.

Let me go over the fragrance first. It is sweeter and spicier than the scrub. While the scent does not fill the house it does stick to my skin. I smell like a dessert for at least two days and I cannot wear my perfume.

I apply this body cream on the days I exfoliate with the scrub to seal in the moisture and scent. The lotion applies smoothly and absorbs quickly and the scent lingers on my clothes. The first time I used it I was a little disappointed. My clothes smelled so strongly I thought the product had rubbed off onto my skin and transferred to my pjs. Well, that was a bummer, I thought! Turned out I was wrong. My skin was still soft and moisturized the next day so I knew it was just a very powerful fragrance.

A very little goes a long way. I have used this weekly for three weeks all over my body and it looks like I have barely touched it.

Will I re-purchase? YES.


Last but certainly not least…


Tangle Teezer’s The Original in Mandarin Sweetie

(USD ~$14.00) –> found at http://www.tangleteezer.com or http://www.amazon.com

I purchased this product in February after seeing a quick review on MissHollyBerrie‘s blog. I cannot find the specific video, I think it was in Holly’s February favorites? Anyways, I also have thick curly hair so my hair is prone to breakage. It does not help matters my methotrexate injections make my hair fall out. And let’s face it, the Tangle Teezer is super super cute.

This is a weird little contraption. It is meant to fit in the palm of my hand as I comb through my hair. It de-tangles without pulling and stimulates my scalp. I considered putting this in my February favorites but I had heightened skin sensitivity and I had to put it to the side. The bristles are hard and come in two different lengths. While it did hurt my scalp a little, I preferred the harder, denser bristles. I have such thick, curly unruly hair that softer bristles break and deform quickly. The more solid bristles rake through my hair and de-tangle it properly. However, it is gentle enough to use on wet and dry hair.

This comb/brush hybrid was made for right-handed people. I have to hold it upside down so it does not fit properly. However, it is not uncomfortable. Just an FYI if you are left-handed like me.

I swipe the Tangle Teezer through my hair before I shampoo it and twice a day before I brush it. I also gently run through my hair before I dry it. I want to note though during the first few of using this brush I experienced more  hair fall-out. Unsure whether it was my methotrexate dose (took a break because of antibiotics) or it was because I was growing out my hair (more hair means more shedding, right?) I continued to use it. The hair fall out lessened and I think it was because my scalp got used to the different treatment.

This brush is exactly what I need to grow out my hair. It de-tangles and manage as my hair grows curly again.

Apologies for the slightly nasty picture! I could not get the stray hairs out from the bristles. But hey, that means I am definitely use it!

Will I purchase another one? I may purchase the compact to travel with.


Hehe…it kind of reminds me of a furry caterpillar!


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