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Here are my non-beauty empties and are they random!



(retail: USD $27.99 for 22oz) –> found at Ulta, http://www.yankeecandle.com

These are my favorite scented candles! There is something very earthy about all their scents.

Yankee Candle claims the large candle burns up to “110-150 hours of fragrance” and while these candles are expensive I wait for the November/December “Buy 2, Get 2 Large Candles” promotion. 4 large candles last me an entire year and I burn them at least 4 or 5 hours every 1-2 days because of the furry monsters.


White Christmas

I purchased this specifically in December 2012. The descriptions says it smells like “quiet holiday beauty…blend of woodsy evergreens and cool, freshly fallen snow”. I burn this candle regularly during December, especially on snow days. It reminds me of the forest in the crisp morning when I step on fallen pine needles. This is my FAVORITE candle from Yankee Candle. I buy it every year and I already have a back-up.

They changed the picture on the White Christmas packaging a couple of years ago. I do not remember what it was before but I do remember liking it better. The photo of the church confuses me since it has nothing to do with the scent!


Re-Purchase? Every year!


Christmas Wreath

I bought this in November 2013. It is not completely empty but it aerated to the point it no longer has fragrance. I used it a lot so I do not feel like it went to total waste. That being said, I should have had at least three more good uses out of it.

The description says “the fragrance [is] of freshly-cut boughs and branches of pine, balsam and hollyberry”. This candle smells exactly like pine trees. I love the scent. It reminds me of old Christmas memories.


Re-purchase? Honestly? I am not sure yet. I ADORE this fragrance but it did aerate very quickly.


Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar

(USD $3.99? for 3.5oz) –> found at select Trader Joe’s

The chocolates at Trader Joe’s are SO amazing. They are beyond addictive. If you stay away from sweets do not buy this. You will buy it every time you are near a Trader Joe’s, even if you never planned to go in.

The chocolate is smooth and light. The truffle taste is prominent without changing the consistency. Has anyone else noticed that? Whenever there is added flavor the chocolate feels lighter and melts differently?

Re-purchase? Yes! I already have quite a few stock-piled just in case they stop selling it.


Britannia’s The Original Bourbon biscuits

(The ones I received were 26 rupees/pack or USD $0.43/pack)

I debated whether to add these or not but I figured my non-USA readers would be able to find them. These are some of the most popular cookies in India, so I assume they are more accessible in the UK. I have not found these cookies here in the US so my father sends them to me from India.

“Monica, you like those Bourbon cookies right?”


“You shouldn’t eat them, they have gluten.”


…Then he sends me five packs.

It’s kind of embarrassing how much I love these. Within the first week, I went through 3 packs? Soo unhealthy, but I could not help it. I blame my snacking tendencies.

The cookie is crunchy and mildly chocolate-y. They are not super sweet, a tad salty even but the filling is smooth and really compliments the biscuits. Lovely!


 Re-purchase? Yes!



Freud Museum London Psych Sofa Pen

(I don’t remember the price!!)

HAH. I found this at the bottom of my Empties bin. It’s empty so it counts!

I am a pen snob. I actually buy my own pens for work. And. I do not share. Weird, right? My dad is the same way. We love calligraphy pens and we love loose ink when possible.

This was a tourist purchase. When my friend and I went to London we visited the famous Freud museum. I bought a mug and this pen. It has clear fluid at the top and a little picture of Freud’s sofa that floats around. Surprisingly, I actually used pen very regularly and emptied it.

Even though the tip is thin, the ink flows nicely. I LOVE thin tipped pens but the ink will sometimes catch. It is very difficult to find these in the US so just like the Bourbon cookies, my dad sends me pens from India.

I will keep this pen but it obviously has more more function!



Re-purchase? No.


That’s it for my non-beauty empties! I hope you found it interesting and gave you a little peak into my crazy mind!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.