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When I was younger I had super oily skin (I broke out all the time and my forehead was a completely different color because of hyper pigmentation). Now I have oily-combination skin. I still get shiny throughout the day and I wake up oily.

Where there are open pores, there is oil. Where there is oil, there are breakouts. So, the best way to eliminate breakouts is treating the source!

I splash my face with cold water. Ice cold water. Two or three times after cleansing. The cold water closes my pores before toner and moisturizer. It minimizes oil production from the start. I do not have to worry about breaking out since there is less oil to fight.

I have noticed a huge difference. I do not reach for the oil blotting sheets as often or wake up with a shiny face. And the best indicator? Fewer breakouts!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.