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Quick question everyone. 


Would you prefer my monthly favorite posts to span over the entire month (instead of one gigantic post, I would post once week with one or two products) or would you prefer them all to be in the same post at the beginning of the month? 


The reason I bring this up is because I personally zone out during Monthly Favorite posts. If they are YouTube videos I will only watch for products I am interested in, and I rarely get to them anyways. If they are blog posts I scroll through and skim the text.

I know, I know I am an awful fellow blogger but these posts are full of text and are not that captivating. It is hard to make straight up reviews interesting. If this redeems myself, I find it hard to write these posts as well. While I love ranting and raving about the products I love it is hard to find a hook to keep people reading!

Do any of you have this problem?

I do not want to remove monthly favorites all together, given they are beneficial. Positive reviews for products in constant use is an interesting concept but, I think personally, it might be easier to chew in bite-size, snippet format. 


This is my pitch, feel free to disagree in the comments if you think this is not a good idea, but my plan is to post a monthly favorite post every week. A short blurb, about why the product rocks. These posts will not take the place of other planned posts of the day. But, I find it will be easier to digest one or two products at a time versus four or five. 


You know what I wish? During the month, I insert thumbnail pictures of my favorite items. If you click on them, it takes you to a separate favorites post. Kind of like a scavenger hunt for the blog. If you “find” every favorites post that month you get a point. You would message me with the list of items and the secret word so I know you clicked on the link/read the review. If you gain 3 points, you win a prize. 

Since I am not a self-hosted website I do not know if this is possible. If it is, PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I would totally follow through with this game. The biggest issue is I do not want the reviews to show up in the blog roll. That would be a dead giveaway right?? 


What do you think?? Please let me know!!


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