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Okay, not exactly but I am more than thrilled right now!

When I first started on my nail adventures I bought Essie Fill the Gap on a whim. The description “it helps re-create smoothness, crucial to youthful looking nails…visibly sculpts and plumbs nail base…stronger feeling and hydrated nails…helps prevent brittleness and breakage” mimicked butter London Nail Foundation on a more modest budget.

I love Nail Foundation, do not get me wrong, but it gets thick and gummy around the halfway mark which for the price is a ridiculous waste of money.

I tried the Essie alternative. Did I fall in love?

I think yes!

The formula is gorgeous. GORGEOUS! It has thick coverage with a thin consistency and makes my nail beds look perfect. The main purpose of this base coat is as a ridge filler but it also provides wonderful adherence for any future polishes.


I always wear toe nail polish but when I want to give my toes a break, I wear this as my “naked” nails and it makes my feet look taken care of without being completely disrobed.

The best part? While I may not notice any long term effects, in the short term my nails break less frequently and are in general better health.


I loved this product through two full bottles. Probably the only nail product I have ever fully finished.


ULTA stopped carrying it.

I went to the internet and was no longer available on the Essie website. Was it being discontinued? My relationship with Fill the Gap ended suddenly and without proper goodbyes.


Until today.


I was at my local CVS. I was milling around the beauty section looking at all the 50% off stickers when I happened upon the smaller Essie display near the back. What did I see? FILL THE GAP. You better believe I grabbed a bottle.

I am ecstatic since I gave my toenails a break yesterday. I removed my polish and noticed chips in the nail bed. I have never seen this before. Not on the tips, on the nail beds themselves.

I better give these guys a break before true sandal season comes around!


How about you? Have you tried Essie Fill the Gap? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Anything in between? Is there something better? I would love recommendations because I am afraid I may not have this product for long!


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