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I decided to stop the Orencia this month. I can no longer afford Accredo’s STUPIDITY.

Now, do not get me wrong, if the medication worked wonders and I felt able-bodied and “normal” I would gladly pay for it. However, I cannot justify  ~ USD $450/month for a medication that only works maybe 60%.

Yes, I am a part of the Orencia IV Infusion Co-Payment Assistance Plan. Yes, Accredo confirms my out of pocket expense is $5 so why do I receive a surprise $900 bill every two months?

I paid out of pocket long enough (since January)!

Why are the back-dated invoices not accepted by Orencia? Because Accredo send the invoices to Remicade (a Centicor company)….last time I checked, I was not on or never have been on Remicade.


I started over again. From scratch. I requested a new member ID from Orencia. I received the card attached to that membership. Accredo updated the information…properly! They sent the invoices to the right place…finally! A supervisor confirmed the changes.

I should receive a refund on my out-of-pocket costs.


….Maybe…Until I do, I stop the Orencia.


Regardless of the trouble with Accredo I struggle with stopping this medication. Orencia works best out of all the medications I’ve taken. But every latent infection comes back like clockwork: my on-going sinus infections, yeast infections, stomach pain and nausea.


Well, let’s hope in the next couple of months I will be re-united with my long lost money!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.