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I have a different type of item for review today: a fan brush! I do not own any fan brushes even though the nail art created with them is one of my favorite looks. For the longest time I settled for the distressed look but now I can do both!


I received this fan brush from the Born Pretty Store. I was so excited for the reasons above and I started playing with the brush the same day it arrived in the mail. It is a relatively small fan-shaped brush (perfect for my small nails). The bristles are light brown, dyed dark at the tips. The dark brown makes the ends distinguishable and easy to use. As usual, the photo below links to the product.


Born Pretty Store Fan Brush | The Rite of AgingUnfortunately, my excitement ended there. The bristles frayed after the first use and became kinked at the tips. I know some brushes do not hold up after a pure acetone rinse but my first use was with acrylic paint and plain water.

I was nervous to use the the brush with nail polish. Turns out, for good reason, acetone destroyed the bristles even more. I still use the brush but the frayed bits drag on the nail and it’s very difficult to get a crisp look.


Acrylic Paint Fan Brush from BPS | The Rite of Aging


Nail Polish Fan Brush Art with BPS | The Rite of Aging

I eventually achieved the look I wanted but it was headache. The polish dried quickly, the bristles clumped and dragged across the nail (as seen in the second picture).


Overally, I expected better from the synthetic bristles and in this instance you get what you pay for. This brush retails for $2.98 on the BPS website however, the site stocks other fan brushes so I might check those out instead. But, if you want a basic brush which you don’t mind trimming down this might be an option. It is cheap and gets the job done, especially with acrylic paints.


And, don’t forget, if you place an order feel free to use my 10% off code below!