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Items provided for review. All opinions are my own.

I am so sorry about the photo quality in this post. I am still taking pictures with my phone and it is being temperamental today.


I’ve read pretty negative things about the full nail decals from the Born Pretty Store. Regardless, I thought I’d try out a different type. They are not water decals but nail stickers. Maybe if I just peeled and stuck these would work better.

I chose a set of very cute plaid designs from the website.

bps nail stickers


20150620_190151_fotorReally pretty, right?

Well, unfortunately that is the only good thing I can say about these. That and the cuticle pusher and nail file are nice little additions.


Initial Thoughts: There are only six stickers, theoretically for each hand and the sizes are just huge. Check it out below.20150620_190706_fotorThe best fit for my thumb was the third largest! For my third finger, the smallest. I figured these would be best used for accent nails.


Each set comes in their own plastic wrap, with a plastic coating to protect them from drying out. They, plus the two nail tools, were shoved into a plastic packet that arrived relatively wrinkled.

I assumed, as stickers, all I needed to do was pull the image from the backing and stick it on the nail. Nope! In an attempt to take them off, I ended up scratching off the image in slivers.

Maybe they are like water decals and had to be wet to come off the backing. Yes! I wet a cotton ball and pressed it to the back of the image. The water seeped through and loosened the glue. This worked well and the images came off nicely except if I missed an edge, then the image ripped.

Unfortunately, once it was wet, the sticker lost it’s adhesiveness. I applied base coat before applying the sticker and it totally disintegrated. If the image didn’t melt then it just creased. It looked like a three year old tried to glue it on to my fingers.


1-20150620_194134_fotorThose major holes are not from stretching the image over my nail or moving it around. They are from just gently pressing down! The sticker itself was rather flimsy so I didn’t even attempt the above and it turns out they were more flimsy than I thought! I had more success with my middle finger. I waited for the base coat to become more dry than tacky but the result was still not very pretty.


I will keep these decals and maybe try to use them as accents. The sizing is so off there is no way I could use these on all my nails. It stretched my patience to apply these. For these two nails, I wasted nearly 6 decals (out of the twelve provided)!


Even though these stickers were a bust I still think BPS has some great individual images. From my experience they do not crease and base/top coat do not destroy them. Better yet, you can usually find them on sale! Check out the huge assortment on their website, linked here. Born Pretty has a wide assortment of nail accessories for a really good price and they offer worldwide free shipping.


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