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Let me start by saying how glad I am I got some of these prompts out of the way! I forgot to take my medications after lunch and am paying the price now. I couldn’t even use a fork, let alone paint my nails!

I did a few looks last week so I forgot which belonged to each day. It was not until today that I realized I had two glitter gradients back to back! Oops! It’s okay, though, I can never have enough glitter gradients (unless, of course, I am going through my ‘I hate glitter’ phase)!

At first, I had glitter gradient accent nails and dark blue stamping but the look did not mesh together well. I asked my dad before I took pictures and he agreed it so I nixed the dark blue. Sometimes, simpler is definitely better!


#OMD3NAILS: Silver Glitter Gradient Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBase: essie No Place Like Chrome

GlitterSephora by OPI Lights, Glammer-a, Action!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.