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I am off the Actemra and back on the Orencia. On non-work days I felt okay. Unfortunately, on my work days I might as well have not been on anything at all! No. That didn’t work for me. While I was on the Orencia I was at least functional and…active! It is almost the end of July and I have only been out to work. My favorite season is almost over and I haven’t enjoyed it once. The actual eff??


On the flip side, the Orencia obviously did not work well enough. It got me through part time work and some full day schedules. I rarely had to increase the prednisone and I certainly never had to use a walker or cane but, the moment there was excessive stress (read: nursing a dying dog) it quit on me. There was no way I could keep a regular full-time schedule on this medication.

There are a couple of meds I have not tried but my doctor is dead set against me on them. I trust his judgement and from my knowledge of them I am not too keen on trying them either! So, what next? There are new RA medications on the market every year but, at the moment, we have exhausted our options. My rheumatologist referred me to one who specializes in clinical trials.


Yes. Clinical trails.

I thought those only existed in movies. Hah, just kidding!…but I think you know what I mean…I never imagined I would consider a clinical trial for ANYTHING.

I have my first appointment at the end of this month so I guess we will find out what the following steps are…I don’t even know what is in store for me!

Until then, and in case I do not qualify for any trials, I am back on the Orencia. I had my first infusion today so I expect to feel a lot better tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.