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Every time I stamp I want to try the decal thing. As I ready myself to try it: set up my table, pool out the polishes, line up my dotting tools and grab my stampers; I shrug off the feeling and finish with a traditional stamp. 

Well…alright. Next time?


There are quite a few challenges taking place in the Instagram world right now and I am picking and choosing which to participate in.

Today’s/yesterday’s (by the time I snapped photos, uploaded and edited them I was too exhausted for words) look combines the #dreamnailschallenge (cats) and #glamnailschallenge (paws).

While it is not too surprising I own multiple paw print and feline stamps, which I accumulated randomly over the last few years, it is surprising how difficult it was to choose the final products.

In the end, I decided on a mix of easy water decals and my Born Pretty Store (BPS) kitty plate. I filled in they eyes with a teal as Sunsilk’s pupils are rimmed with that exact color. This is my first first attempt at full nail stamping decals and I have to say they came out pretty well! Execution could use a little work; I was so upset when I used too much acetone during cleanup and dissolved portions of the decal! No matter, I just need more practice!


kitteh decals inspiration

I hope you like it!


Kitteh Stamping and Water Decals Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseBarry M Chai

StampingBPS plate BP-59Essie Naughty NauticalKonad Special Polish Black

Water Decals (paws): Pueen Cosmetics


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