It was a bear photographing this look. The more detail my phone has to focus on the worse off it becomes. Poor little smartphone. It focuses in and out for seconds before it settles and most times it just stops on the blurriest sight. I cannot wait until I get my hands on a new camera!



What ever happened to flakies? They had a serious moment a while back and have since been forgotten. I only own one or two and do not look forward to the day I run out of my favorite Nfu Oh. I gave into Gotham Polish’s recommendation and bought a 51 before the company discontinued the shade. I really should have bought two. I have not seen one that is identical to this one…and honestly not a whole lot are even similar; depending on the base color the flakies literally shine any color of the rainbow and it is fabulous!

I hope you like today’s look. At first, I didn’t like the colors because the flakie leaned so red but after trying other combinations and disliking all of them this one grew on me. It is definitely interesting!


#31DC2015 - Purple Waterspotting #nailart | The Rite of AgingBaseBarry M PlumNfu Oh Nfu 51; (accent) Milani Vivid Violetbutter London Knackered

Water-spotting: Color Club On the RocksZoya Payton, hairspray


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