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(The first photo is my first attempt, the second is my actual black and white nail art for the 31 Day Challenge).


For today’s black and white prompt I attempted two different designs. At first, I wanted to incorporate the #31DC2015 and #clairestelle8sept challenges into one look. I recently received a set of beach stickers from Born Pretty Store which I thought  would be perfect!

Unfortunately, these stickers did not perform well. They were easy enough to use. I peeled off the stickers with tweezers and applied them to my nail. However, I had difficulty laying the stickers flat and even after top coat application I could see the edges and any air bubbles trapped underneath. I would recommend using these with light, already top-coated base colors. Beware, if the base is still tacky and you re-position the sticker, it will bring the polish up with it…These remind me of the cell phone screen protectors!! They are extremely easy to use but I would prefer to stick with the BPS brand water decals.


Black and White Coral Nails | The Rite of Aging

StickersBorn Pretty Store Magico Brand Stickers ($3.69/1 sheet linked here). Since these are not the BPS brand nail art decorations they are a little more expensive than what we usually see from them!

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The above look did not turn out at all the way I wanted so I stripped the white nails and re-did them.

Hope you like the final look!


#31DC2015 - Black and White Glitter Nails | The Rite of AgingBasesSinful Colors WhiteboardWet n Wild Black Creme

GlittersSally Hansen Scale Up (iridescent); Milani Sprinkles (black & white)

Puppy DecalPueen Cosmetics


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