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I finally did it. I used the traditional rainbow color scheme on my nails! I think this is the first time in, well, ever I’ve done this! And I am going to be perfectly honest with you…I don’t like it…

This was the day of the month I least looked forward to. I love colors, neons, clashes etc. but when it comes to the ROYGBIV array I cannot get on board. I watched Robin Moses’ splatter paint technique (linked here)ย and immediately gave it a try. I could not think of anything else (except maybe dashes) for this prompt.

What do you think? I personally don’t like it but that’s my personal color preference. I think I should have gone with one or two colors – in different shades. I almost did not even want to post this but…


#31DC2015 - Rainbow #splatterpaint #nailart | The Rite of AgingBase:ย Color Clubย On the Rocks

Splatter: watered down acrylic paints, artist’s brush


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