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I am by no means a Bath and Body Works devotee but I regularly use their hand soaps. More often than not I think Bath and Body Works is too expensive for the products they sell. This being said, B&BW has frequent promotions and apps like RetailMeNot help me score extra coupon codes so I never purchase anything full price and the hand soaps cost less than those at the drugstore!

In my most recent haul I purchased seven hand soaps and two candles. I rarely purchase candles at B&BW as I prefer Yankee Candles for my scented wax needs but the medium sizes were 40% off so I took a look. I prefer the medium jars because the minis are too small and the 3-wicks burn too quickly. The mediums do not last particularly long but at the sale price I’m happy to try a few out.

What do you think of Bath and Body Works? Are you a mega-fan or not?

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Bath and Body Works Candles - Fall 2015 | The Rite of Aging

(White Barn – Vanilla Bean Medium Scented Candle)

(B&BW Home Pumpkin Pie Medium Scented Candle)

I love vanilla and all the scent variations it comes in. This candle smells exactly like the spicy vanilla bean which is my favorite form. Unfortunately, while the unlit wax has some scent once lit it barely has any. It has a very heavy, stagnant quality that does not transfer to the whole room. This was not entirely unexpected as the holder does not come with a cover and scented wax loses it’s potency when exposed to air. I may have purchased this for the cute frosted jar and will repurpose it.

I took a chance with Pumpkin Pie hoping it would not be too sweet. I was happily surprised. It is sweet but smells exactly like pumpkin pie spice. Unlike the Vanilla candle, this candle’s scent is light and drifts easily through the house. Within the hour my entire basement smells strongly and starts to creep up on to the main floor. A definite re-purchase for next year.


Fall 2015 - Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps | The Rite of Aging

Cozy Vanilla CreamWhite Peach ChardonnayFall Lakeside BreezeSunlight & Apple TreesMarshmallow Pumpkin LatteWarm Vanilla Sugar | Japanese Cherry Blossom

I opt for the Gentle Foaming soaps during the colder months because they do not dry out my hands like the Deep Cleansing ones do. Unfortunately, the pump is difficult to control and I waste the soap because I only need a half-pump of product!

I never hesitate to buy the nature-inspired scents because they always smell fresh and B&BW does fruit well. White Peach is the sweetest and smells exactly like peach juice. Sunlight is my favorite with a crisp scent. Fall Lakeside smells like warm, wet autumn woods.

I always purchase a few classics like Japanese Cherry Blossom and Warm Vanilla Sugar for the spring months when I lose interest in seasonal collections. Bath and Body Works classic scents are always the most understated and non-offensive to me.

I was bitten by the Fall bug so I couldn’t help but try a couple of their limited edition scents. I am not too impressed with either of them. They smell remarkably similar. Cozy Vanilla Cream and Marshmallow Pumpkin both smell like nondescript dessert  cocktails but Marshmallow Pumpkin is a little sweeter and more marshmallow-y.


I would highly recommend the Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle and Sunlight & Apple TreesFall Lakesides hand soaps.

I hope this post was helpful for you. I love haul posts and I think they’re helpful with stores like Bath and Body Works where if you place an order nose-blind it really can be hit or miss!


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