My 25th birthday was less than ideal. Three days before it Saachi collapsed from a tumor pressing against her lungs. She was still in the hospital and because everyone was worried about her they forgot my day! My father remembered but he was the only one.

I’ve never been one for birthdays. My mom made a big to do over them. Dad and I were content with a few “happy birthdays” and a family dinner but anything afterwards we found unnecessary. And even though I was not one to make a big deal it would be nice if someone remembered…


My 26th birthday was amazing! I got “Happy Birthday’s” from all my social media outlets, my family texted and called and I even got presents! We rarely exchange gifts (even for major holidays) so I was completely taken aback. I taught a morning class so I was done with work at 9am and I took the best nap. ever.

My dad cooked my favorite dinner and bought me a cake!

We buy the same cake for every occasion (birthdays, pets birthdays, any sort of celebration). It is a simple strawberry cake from Fresh Fields (edit: Whole Foods). There are three layers of plain sponge separated by strawberries and fresh cream topped with whipped cream and almond slices. Mmmm!

And, because I was in such a good mood I painted my nails to mirror my happiness. I topped them with glitter and metallics and stars!


1-stamping decalBase: Zoya Charlotte

Glitter: KBShimmer Sand in My Stocking

Stamping: Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN44, Konad Stamping Black, Serum No.5 Fallen, Zoya GoldieSeverine