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I have been on Orencia Abatacept for seven months. This is around the time we see the effects plateau. I took Orencia three times previously, both in subcutaneous and interveneous forms and each time I saw a dip in its effectiveness.

Orencia always works better than the other biologic medications. I feel less fatigued, painful and swollen. I also do not have any reactions to it which is a huge bonus.

And, even though this medication works best, the effects only last a couple of weeks. When I feel well, I wake up early and only need a short nap during the day but as the Orencia wears off I sleep later in the mornings and pass out for hours at a time during the afternoons. Sleeping is the best. I love napping but if I look back on the past five years I realize I spent more than half of it not awake! That’s a lot of time wasted…

When I go in for my infusion I am down for the count for a couple of days. I am not necessarily lethargic or painful, just a little out of it. Once the following week rolls around I snap back to attention, I have a bounce in my step and I feel “better”.

As the Orencia builds up in my system I do not think I will feel “better” immediately after each infusion but I shouldn’t feel worse. I still crave sleep and feel a noticeable dip in energy toward 3 or 4 pm. I am not sure if this is normal for seven months into this medication.

I sometimes feel like climbing after work but more often than not I just feel tired. The farther I have to drive (for work) the less likely I can do anything afterwards. I am usually too exhausted to even do my nails!


Regardless of my grievances, I prefer Orencia more than the other biologics but I wish it worked even better. But, I guess, beggars can’t be choosers!

Below, is the nail art I made for this month’s Orencia post. I hope you like it!

1-orenciadotsBase: Milani Power Periwinkle (old formula)

Dots: Zoya Crystal (un-matte), China Glaze UV Meant to Be, Pop Beauty Pacific Hoot, Glitter Gal Australia Bluemerang, Milani Blue Print (new formula)

Matte Top Coat: Essie Matte About You


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.