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I am participating in a challenge called “Blogging A to Z”! Lately, I’ve felt wholly uninspired with my blog. It has evolved exclusively into a nail art showcase with some Rheumatoid Arthritis mixed in. I don’t feel the need to talk about the nail art I looks I create since they seem rather self-explanatory. When I do write it doesn’t feel write. I hoped to combine nail art with RA but that proved more difficult than I thought. I still felt a wall that stopped me from talking about the RA and that was something I struggled with even in real life. I wanted to blog, I wanted to write, but I just felt that what I had to say was not interesting.

I kept up with Damyanti’s blog Daily (W)rite last year while she blogged through the April challenge and kept thinking how fun and interesting this it was! This year, I decided to take part.

I hope that by writing about virtually random things (I don’t anticipate a theme just yet) I can break through this writer’s block I have and figure out a new beginning for this blog!

If you’re interested in the challenge or just want to see what it’s about check out the headquarters website here. It will tell you the directions, how to participate and the list of the nearly 1100 bloggers taking part!

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.