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Have you ever wondered what goes through a dog’s mind when they get an idea?

Big Puppy (5 mo.)

I have. And I honestly have not come up with any answers.

Sometimes, their actions are as little as sitting in a comfortable bed they’re too big for.

Sometimes, it’s a little bigger like when Saachi  got hold of a wet ink pen and chewed it up. She didn’t swallow it….she just chewed it up, permanently stained the carpet and her tongue.

Full Body

Now probably the most mind-boggling to me is when Saachi dug her face into the snow. She was not particularly fond of winter so she did not stay out long and helped me warm her paws when she came inside. But, without fail, she always dug her face (and basket muzzle) into the snow. And, probably, unbeknownst to her, the muzzle kept the snow on her face.

She would then rush inside looking for help in removing her it looking sad and scared all at the same time!


DSCF7159 What if dogs relied less on instinct and just spent a few seconds more thinking ideas through?? I guess life with them would not be as entertaining.



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