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I have severe arachnophobia that manifested later in life. When I was young I let tarantulas crawl up my arms and shoulders. I touched the spiders who set up shop in the corners of my house. Then, at the age of twelve, I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I had my worst fear realized. The Forbidden Forest scene changed my life and since then spiders send shivers down my spine and shakes through my soul.


Think I’m exaggerating? One day, during college, I found a spider in the corner of my room. I couldn’t move off my bed or take my eyes off that corner until my best friend and roommate came home and took care of it.

All this being said, spiders are fascinating creatures. They are small but they create the strongest structures in the natural world. In the inorganic world, engineers and scientists alike try to copy the strength and lightness of a spider’s silk and still have not succeeded.


thtx1rzI avoid spider webs like the plague because if there is a web, a spider is not far off. But, I just can’t help staring at the silky threads. They are beautiful. They are unique. The are strong yet thin and nearly invisible. They are made in such a way that it traps even the smallest insects. It legitimately blows my mind.


spider_web_necklace_with_pearls_of_dew-1Claire over at IG@clairestelle8 hosts a monthly nail art challenge and October marks everything Halloween.

I most certainly am not going to put spiders on my nails but sugar-spun webs are the perfect alternative.

I hope you like the look I came up with! And, if you’re interested check out my talk-through tutorial (here).


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